Wednesday, September 16


Well, would you believe it. The title of my last post was 'Time Out', and already I have to take time out. I didn't take our cycling holiday into account when I signed up for the 30 day challenge.  I also have some outstanding commissions and some studio adjustments to make.

My painting focus will begin in October and I will post daily (although not weekends)..I promise!

Tuesday, September 1

Time Out

Here we go, another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
Let's see what I can learn this time.

8 inches x 8 inches 
Time Out
Oil on box canvas

I'll attempt to be as loose as I can as I gete further into the challenge. This is a scene from Sene in the Morbihan region of France. I love the way families here spend time together.

Monday, February 2

Birthday Treat

I am offering anyone who has bought one of my paintings from my DPW gallery a $20 discount if you purchase another 6x6 inches painting on the 22nd February.

Saturday, January 31

The 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

30 paintings in 30 days challenge for January.

I didn't manage the thirty but enjoyed doing over twenty. I'm not showing all that I painted because my abstracts aren't really up to scratch. It was fun! I think I'll be better prepared next time.

Friday, January 30


6x6 inches Oil on board                                      

I suppose I could have just concentrated on the sea for January. I have so many seascapes still fighting to get out.Well, this is the end of the month (almost) and I didn't manage the 30 in 30, but at least the challenge motivated me to give it a go.

Wednesday, January 28

Sea Swell

Sea Swell
6x6 inches Oil on board

This is another small study of a larger painting I'm working on.  I should have painted this first in order to give me an idea if it would work on a 24x24 inch board. I think it will, so I'll carry on with the larger one.

Friday, January 23

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster
6x6 inches Oil on board

I just love the sea. This study is perhaps a little more static than I would have liked, but I'm looking forward to doing the larger one.

Thursday, January 22

Shallow Ripple

Shallow Ripple
8x8 inches Oil on board

Continuing with the seascape theme, here is today's offering. I struggled at first with the colours but am reasonably pleased with the outcome. I'd better stop now before I paint myself into mud. The sea is ever so slightly more blue in the original, but this image is the nearest I can get to it.

Wednesday, January 21


6x6 inches Oil on board

I wonder...will I ever be tired of the sea?
This is a study of the larger painting I've hit a brick wall with. I thought I'd paint a smaller one quickly to try and remind myself why I wanted to paint it in the first place. I don't think I've captured what I really want, but it's given me the incentive to crack on with the larger one.

Apologies everyone. I did change it after all to a more vibrant contemporary look which is nearer to what I wanted.

Sunday, January 18

Twin Breakers

Twin Breakers
6x6 oil on board.
A palette knife painting...really plastered on.I still have a way to go to make it believable, but I enjoyed painting it yesterday. 

Friday, January 16

Surface Value 2.

Surface Value
24x24 inches Oil on board

I think there is still work to do with this.

Thursday, January 15

Gently Breaking.

I'm still doing the 30 paintings in January, but am working on a lot at the same time. The important thing is that I'm painting every weekday.

Gently Breaking
6x6 inches Oil on board.

I liked the rocks under the surface with the waves gently breaking (as they do).

Saturday, January 10

Framing option.

Beautiful hand made frames for my small paintings.

 I'm really pleased with the quality of finish and will be offering the option to buy my paintings framed at a price difficult to turn down.

Irish Rock Pool 2 finished at last. 30 paintings in 30 days Day 9.

Irish Rock Pool 2
12x12 inches Oil on box canvas

I think this is finished at last and has more movement than the previous attempt.

Friday, January 9

Early Evening Dip 30 paintings in 30 days. Day 8.

Early Evening Dip 
6x6 inches Oil on board
This is a painting that has haunted me in the past. I eventually became disillusioned and  scraped it clean. This is my second attempt at it. 

Wednesday, January 7

Winter Scrub. 30 paintings in 30 days. Day 7.

Winter Scrub. 8x8 inches Oil on board.
The second of the snow path series. 

I'm enjoying this carefree intuitive abstract impressionistic style of painting. I'm trying to decide if painting is more to do with colour than anything else. You'd think I'd know by now, but alas I'm not altogether sure. I know it's important but to what extent? The enjoyment of painting as the motivational force springs to mind. I guess I'm a tad envious of those who eat, breathe and live the painting experience and know exactly what they are about as an artist. It's a rocky road for me and our relationship is positively wintry at times...pun was intended.

Tuesday, January 6

30 paintings in 30 days. Day 6.

Snow Path 6x6 inches Oil on board.
The snow is gone but the memory remains. Would you call this abstract impressionism? Whatever it is, it was fun to do.

Monday, January 5

30 paintings in 30 days. Day 5.

Rock Pool
Isn't water frustrating? I've had an unfinished painting kicking around for a while and decided to overpaint it with the palette knife. It was really difficult for me to capture all the reflected colour in the water as well as the rocks beneath the surface and still make it look like water. One day I'll be satisfied enough not to revisit it.

Sunday, January 4

Caught up at last.

Right, I'm on track now for the remainder of the 30in30 painting challenge. This is number four even though it was painted yesterday. I'll paint two on Saturdays in order to keep Sunday free for the duration of the challenge.

Untitled 1.

I thought I'd try an abstract this time and I feel it won't be the last foray into abstraction. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do a large canvas, but for now I'm happy with a 6x6 inches experiment. There was no great thought...I just went with the flow. I guess we will all see something differently, but I see this as an ocean of people standing on blue carpet viewed from above. I also see an abstraction of flowers. My wife sees tropical fish around coral reef. Well, there you go:)

Friday, January 2

30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

We've just returned home from the UK so I'm already behind on my 30 paintings challenge for the month of January. I'm still up for it, though. Watch this space.

Wednesday, December 10

Accidents will happen

Arrived from USA today...

This is one of my small 6x6 inch studies of Positano. It was damaged and is back here for me to try and save. This is an image I have on file...the damaged painting is under the note.

Customer aftercare is very important to me, so I'll do everything I can to repair the damage. If I fail, there is always the option of painting another.

Thursday, March 13

Full Circle

There's a story to this study.

I painted this as a demonstration in palette knife painting while I was in our gallery and framing shop over 20 years ago and sold it.

The old lady must have died and a house clearance carried out, because a few months ago it caught my eye in a charity shop. I didn't recognise it as one of mine but I was immediately attracted to it and was taken by surprise to see my signature.

It was in a damaged frame and was for sale for about £10.

I told them I was the artist and asked how much they would sell it for without the frame (I'm a scrooge when it comes to buying things). They said they'll text me when the manager arrived.  I never received a text.

Fast forward to a week before my birthday in February when David and Eileen arrived back from Nottingham to advise me the painting was no longer available.

They had secretly bought the painting and gave it to me for my birthday (they are so devious).

I've since given it a complete overhaul and think I may still work on the sky a little.

Monday, February 17


We enjoyed sitting around the pool before having breakfast. We were the only couple. The sun was hot and the water inviting. I couldn't resist dipping in now and then...and again at the end of the day.

It amazes me just how many colours reflect on water.

Tuesday, December 17

About to Break

"Life is a series of tasks that absolutely must get done before they don't matter."  -Robert Brault.

I never completed all of the tasks from last week, and guess what? They were the one's that didn't really matter. One of them was to finish this painting. I guess it matters more this week. It's amazing what a break can do, and this variety always lifts me.

Thursday, December 5

On The Road

"At some point you must accept reality, but that is not to say you must give it free license."
-Robert Brault.

Well, here's my reality for now before another reality sets in..something completely different. I was thinking book illustration. Totally off the cuff and intuitive. I wanted to do it and I did it.

I think it's good for an artist to just do what they feel like doing at the time they want to do it. Don't let the moment pass if it's at all possible. It doesn't really matter if it's beyond what you're known for.

Friday, November 22

Early Evening Dip

"Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good."
"Let not the good be the enemy of the mediocre."
"Let not the mediocre be the enemy of the perfectly dreadful."

~~ Robert Brault.

This painting, although not perfectly dreadful, has already been over-painted and no longer exists as you see it. I'm much happier with the newer version which may or may not appear here in the future.

After an afternoon at the beach it was time to pack up and head off home, but plenty of folk had other ideas. 

Gentle Roll

"What you often see in a lesser work of art is a subject captured perfectly and never set free."
-Robert Brault.

Oh, how I'd love to set something free!

This is another study of the same stretch of Carnac. The waves about to break captivated me and I guess it's no wonder that a lot of my paintings feature water. Once I've finished the shoreline series, I'll decide which one to paint large. Till then, I'm enjoying the challenge of water.

Hills Of Gold

Just wanted to finish this study of the hills that surround me at the moment.

Thursday, November 7

Surface Value

What lies just beneath the surface of an ocean is a fascinating subject to contemplate. The surface is also worthy of consideration. This offering combines the two with a little thought on fluidity and reflection. I just loved painting this study which is a DPW challenge for the week. I reckon I'll do a few more H2O renditions.

The location is the same as yesterdays painting...Carnac.

Monday, November 4

Carnac Swell

I was mesmerised by the swell at one of the Carnac beaches...which could be anywhere in the world, but that water definitely looks French to me :)
I'm attracted to water by what's reflected above as well as what lies beneath. I struggled with this study. I managed to capture everything I wanted almost instantly other than one teensy-weensy little area. In the end, I fussed too much and lost it all. The bulk of the time was spent trying to re-capture everything.  That's the way it goes at times.

Monday, October 28

Great Hill

On our way down Great Hill in Chorley, Lancs. It was the sunlight hitting the moors that caught my eye, but the photo doesn't pick it up as much as it ought to. In fact, I'm unable to tone the orange down much at all.