Wednesday, December 10

Accidents will happen

Arrived from USA today...

This is one of my small 6x6 inch studies of Positano. It was damaged and is back here for me to try and save. This is an image I have on file...the damaged painting is under the note.

Customer aftercare is very important to me, so I'll do everything I can to repair the damage. If I fail, there is always the option of painting another.

Thursday, March 13

Full Circle

There's a story to this study.

I painted this as a demonstration in palette knife painting while I was in our gallery and framing shop over 20 years ago and sold it.

The old lady must have died and a house clearance carried out, because a few months ago it caught my eye in a charity shop. I didn't recognise it as one of mine but I was immediately attracted to it and was taken by surprise to see my signature.

It was in a damaged frame and was for sale for about £10.

I told them I was the artist and asked how much they would sell it for without the frame (I'm a scrooge when it comes to buying things). They said they'll text me when the manager arrived.  I never received a text.

Fast forward to a week before my birthday in February when David and Eileen arrived back from Nottingham to advise me the painting was no longer available.

They had secretly bought the painting and gave it to me for my birthday (they are so devious).

I've since given it a complete overhaul and think I may still work on the sky a little.

Monday, February 17


We enjoyed sitting around the pool before having breakfast. We were the only couple. The sun was hot and the water inviting. I couldn't resist dipping in now and then...and again at the end of the day.

It amazes me just how many colours reflect on water.

Tuesday, December 17

About to Break

"Life is a series of tasks that absolutely must get done before they don't matter."  -Robert Brault.

I never completed all of the tasks from last week, and guess what? They were the one's that didn't really matter. One of them was to finish this painting. I guess it matters more this week. It's amazing what a break can do, and this variety always lifts me.

Thursday, December 5

On The Road

"At some point you must accept reality, but that is not to say you must give it free license."
-Robert Brault.

Well, here's my reality for now before another reality sets in..something completely different. I was thinking book illustration. Totally off the cuff and intuitive. I wanted to do it and I did it.

I think it's good for an artist to just do what they feel like doing at the time they want to do it. Don't let the moment pass if it's at all possible. It doesn't really matter if it's beyond what you're known for.

Friday, November 22

Early Evening Dip

"Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good."
"Let not the good be the enemy of the mediocre."
"Let not the mediocre be the enemy of the perfectly dreadful."

~~ Robert Brault.

This painting, although not perfectly dreadful, has already been over-painted and no longer exists as you see it. I'm much happier with the newer version which may or may not appear here in the future.

After an afternoon at the beach it was time to pack up and head off home, but plenty of folk had other ideas. 

Gentle Roll

"What you often see in a lesser work of art is a subject captured perfectly and never set free."
-Robert Brault.

Oh, how I'd love to set something free!

This is another study of the same stretch of Carnac. The waves about to break captivated me and I guess it's no wonder that a lot of my paintings feature water. Once I've finished the shoreline series, I'll decide which one to paint large. Till then, I'm enjoying the challenge of water.

Hills Of Gold

Just wanted to finish this study of the hills that surround me at the moment.

Thursday, November 7

Surface Value

What lies just beneath the surface of an ocean is a fascinating subject to contemplate. The surface is also worthy of consideration. This offering combines the two with a little thought on fluidity and reflection. I just loved painting this study which is a DPW challenge for the week. I reckon I'll do a few more H2O renditions.

The location is the same as yesterdays painting...Carnac.

Monday, November 4

Carnac Swell

I was mesmerised by the swell at one of the Carnac beaches...which could be anywhere in the world, but that water definitely looks French to me :)
I'm attracted to water by what's reflected above as well as what lies beneath. I struggled with this study. I managed to capture everything I wanted almost instantly other than one teensy-weensy little area. In the end, I fussed too much and lost it all. The bulk of the time was spent trying to re-capture everything.  That's the way it goes at times.

Monday, October 28

Great Hill

On our way down Great Hill in Chorley, Lancs. It was the sunlight hitting the moors that caught my eye, but the photo doesn't pick it up as much as it ought to. In fact, I'm unable to tone the orange down much at all.

Friday, October 25

Towards Langle

This is a view we enjoy every time we empty the bin at Bel-Air.  It's our end of the day walk which is much loved.

Tuesday, October 1


Another study of Monet's lilies. I was taken more with the bank of willow than the lilies...such a peaceful scene. I decided to tone the greens down in an effort to give some of the other colours a chance to shine. I wanted the roses to stake their claim but it didn't quite come off. Willow wins.

Monday, September 30

Academia Salute

I wanted to do something a little different with palette knife and brush and ended up quietly pleased with this study of SMDS from the Academia bridge...a photo I took a number of years ago.

Saturday, September 28

Thursday, September 26

Shoreline Impression

This could be your local beach. A beach is a beach, right?  Tomorrow I'll show the version with people.

Monday, September 23


The sky was the inspiration for this study. I think an artist can spend a lifetime painting skies and still have material for more.

Friday, September 20

Jardin de Monet

I was tempted to call this "L'Allee des Rosiers. Giverny", which was the title of Monet's rendition painted in 1920-1922. My colours are much brighter due to the time of day and no way near as intuitive. I decided to stay clear of the master's title.

Following on from our visit to Giverny last week, I still feel inspired to paint in the impressionist style.
I've really enjoyed using the palette knife to create atmosphere in this scene. I loved the arches laden with colour and the sun dancing through it all. My fear was that the volume of green may have been overpowering, but I'm quite pleased that the other colours have kept it at bay.
I used a brush for the sky which has been changed from a pale blue to what it is now. I think I may give it another coat as the former pale colour is peeking through.
They say blue and green should never be seen, but I don't know why. It works for me.
I love the fact that the grass is left uncut and that nature is rampant.


La Taverne in Josselin have just sold this painting of's the building with the parasols outside. We dropped by this morning for a hot chocolate and it was nice enough to sit outside under the parasols. The parasols are white at the moment...I feel another painting coming on!

Paris. Sold in the UK.

St Ives. Sold in the UK.

Tuesday, September 17

Monet's Water Garden

I was in Monet's house and gardens at the weekend and felt inspired to paint his pond today. I've used the palette knife for this study.

Thursday, September 12

Carnac Stroll

Here we go...Carnac without the abstraction. Carnac has several beaches, but I can't remember which one this was. 

Wednesday, September 11

Carnac Abstraction

This is stage one of a painting of which I decided to go no further. I am trying to simplify the image and resist the temptation to take it through further stages to arrive at something that I would hope is acceptable. Every painting is a gamble. Nothing is guaranteed. I often finish a painting session frustrated. This time, however, I've stopped merely because I like what I see. I see a painting verging on abstraction.Tomorrow will see a new painting of the same scene which will be developed to include more than sea, sand and sky...more impressionistic than abstraction for sure, but I haven't finished with abstraction.

Tuesday, September 10

Sky One

Rough sketch number one.  I think I'll do a few before deciding on the way to present it. I feel it should be a broad stroke approach rather than something tight, but it isn't quite there yet.
Thanks to Kevin Lowe for his stunning photo of the North of England.

Monday, September 9


I  guess I wasn't concentrating. I should have taken a break. I'll put it right tomorrow.

We had a really good break in the Algarve. It's worth going back to that B&B...the best we've ever been to.

Thursday, September 5

Lizio Corner

The previous painting of the rusty old bike was advertising this place...inclusive or it's quaint, cosy and colourful little corner.

Yesterday was one of those days when painting was just never going to happen. I'll just have to catch up before the thirty days are up.

Tuesday, September 3

New Life

I was taken by how effective this rusty old bike was as an advertisement for a Chambres d'Hotes in Lizio, a pretty little village not far from here.

Monday, September 2

Honfleur Harbour

Another visit to Honfleur to capture the atmosphere. If you haven't been before, you are missing something. 
This is actually day two of the 30 day challenge...and it certainly was challenging.

Going back

So I'm a little rusty, but I enjoyed the experience. The location is Honfleur, a place we seem to visit a great deal while en-route to Le Havre. Going back seems an appropriate title.

Friday, August 30

Up for A Challenge

Okay, so give me that again...why am I signing up for the 30  paintings in 30 days challenge?

Because I'm finding all kinds of excuses not to spend time in the studio. I'm having no problem gathering resource material. The studio, although unfinished, is perfectly adequate as a working environment. I've placed paintings in various French outlets. I've found out how to obtain my Siret number (essential for selling art in France), but I'm not actually sitting down and getting stuck into painting yet.

Another reason for signing up for the challenge...I'd like to do some fast intuitive painting and see where it leads me.

My first painting will be painted tomorrow, but will be posted Sunday evening (I never work on Sundays unless it's some sort of emergency). Apparently, this is well within the rules set by Leslie Saeta.

I expect to paint first and then see what energy I have left for the things that have previously taken precedence.

Game on!

Friday, August 16


A lot of my unsold 6x6 paintings now come with a frame. There is no charge for the frame, but I will have to increase the carriage cost. Please let me know by email if you would rather not have the frame and I will adjust the carriage cost accordingly.  The paintings are mounted on the frame from the front and can easily be removed when re-framing is required.

I'm up and running so watch out for regular posts.

Drop in to see my exhibition of paintings at La Taverne in central local town. I'm sharing the space with another English artist (Tim Hebbard).

La Taverne is the building straight ahead with the two dormer windows. I'll be sitting outside having a hot chocolate tomorrow morning if you want to join me. It's market day, so the whole street will be packed...a great atmosphere.

Thursday, April 4

Morning Glory (unfinished)

Considering all that's happening at the moment, it's no wonder I'm enjoying this peaceful scene.

I won't be posting for a little least until I've sorted out a painting area in France and some sort of internet connection.

Wednesday, March 6

Friday, February 22

Touch Of Gold

Yes, and I just did it again when I really wanted to do it differently. This is the larger canvas version of the 6x6 I painted in January of last year. Yvon's woods are a great resource for artists...I suppose any woods are. The photo doesn't do the painting justice, but never mind.